About the Band

Franco Cozzo are a five-piece band from Footscray, located in Melbourne’s inner-western suburbs.

Group Publicity Shot with all five band members

Franco’s roster includes lead vocalist and co-lyricist Alex Wagstaff, lead guitarist and co-lyricist Sam Sharkey, guitarist and saxophonist Archie Beattie, bassist Maseta Pratama, and drummer Hugo Speth. The band’s first taste of the music scene began in early February 2015 with Sam, Archie, Alex and Hugo. After playing some “preferably forgotten” gigs, Maseta joined Franco and helped to establish the sound that the band currently gives to the industry today.

In the last three years Franco have collaborated with musician and producer Mike Miller to create two EPs: ‘Four Songs That We Recorded One Day’ (2017) and ‘Stopping All Stations Except South Kensington’ (2018).